Prayer Diary

Our prayer diary for the month of  March….

Wed.    1          Ash Wed. Make in us new and contrite hearts, O Lord

Thur.    2          Pray for any natural disaster/violence taking place in the world

Fri.       3          Those in work, but worried about their future

Sat.      4          Edmonds Drive


Sun.    5          Pray for those offering prayer ministry

Mon.    6          Milestone Close and Walnut Tree Close

Tues.    7          Coopers Close

Wed.    8          Watercress Close

Thur.    9          Pray for our priest, Vivienne

Fri.       10        The Credit Union, staff and clients

Sat.      11        Ambulance personnel and paramedics


Sun.    12        Pray for our NHS

Mon.    13        The Easter Journey in church this week

Tues.    14        MU  flower arranging with Margaret Brett

Wed.    15        The PCC as it meets this evening

Thur.    16        Pray for all affected by historic abuse situations

Fri.       17        Carters Close and Parishes Mead

Sat.      18        Developing world situations


Sun.    19        Lime Close and Magpie Crescent

Mon.    20        Jackdaw Close

Tues.    21        Redwing Close

Wed.    22        Pray for refugees around the world

Thur.    23        The Memorial service in church for Jean Oxenden

Fri.       24        Pray for the Brexit negotiations as they begin

Sat.      25        All being baptised in our church this year


Sun.    26        Mothering Sunday Thank God for mothers / carers

Mon.    27        Grandparents unable to have contact with grandchildren

Tues.    28        Grandparents who regularly care for grandchildren

Wed.    29        Sparrow Drive

Thurs.  30        Pray for our schools as the break for Easter

Fri.       31        All school staff, pupils, families during the holiday