Prayer Diary

Our prayer diary for the month of January ….

As we pray let us invite the love of God, the peace of God, the protection of God and God’s healing into the lives of the people who live/work there.

Wed.    1          Pray for peace in our hearts and in the world in 2020

Thur.   2          Pray for the current world situations

Fri.      3          Pray for our Christmas Charity – Feed Up, Warm Up

Sat.      4          Pray for our 2nd       “   Charity – Mission Aviation Fellowship

Sun.    5          Schools as they return tomorrow for the new term

Mon.   6          Epiphany – The wise men drawn by the star to see Jesus

Tues.   7          Silkin Court

Wed.    8          PCC meeting this evening

Thur.   9          Minsden Road

Fri.      10        Pray for our armed forces

Sat.      11        Cotney Croft


Sun.    12        Campkin Court

Mon.   13        Blackberry Mead

Tues.   14        MU – A social

Wed.    15        All who walk past our church

Thur.   16        Sheepcroft Hill

Fri.      17        Roundmead

Sat.      18        Friends of St Mary’s coffee morning


Sun.    19        REACT

Mon.   20        Lapwing and Fieldfare

Tues.   21        Shackleton Spring and Shackdell

Wed.    22        Kestrell Close and Osprey Gardens

Thur.   23        All school governors

Fri.      24        Ridlins Playing Field, its staff and users

Sat.      25        The Garden House Hospice


Sun.    26        The ongoing economic situation

Mon.   27        The Children’s Centre and all who use it

Tues.   28        Goddard End

Wed.    29        Peartree Public House House, staff and users

Thurs.  30        Monk’s View and Cannix Close

Fri.      31        Brexit Day? Pray for our country