Prayer Diary

Our prayer diary for the month of June ….

As we pray let us invite the love of God, the peace of God, the protection of God and God’s healing into the lives of the people who live/work there.

Mon. 1 Remember dangers of virus as lock-down is relaxed
Tues. 2 The world as it comes out of lock-down
Wed. 3 The government trying to restart the economy
Thurs 4 Pray for all church groups unable to meet
.Fri. 5 For NHS staff who are still on the front line
Sat. 6 Resident and staff in care homes

Sun. 7 Trinity Sunday Holy God, hold us firm in this faith
Mon. 8 Pray for the right time to re-open churches
Tues. 9 Pray for the right time for congregations to return
Wed. 10 Pray for the people who have been inspirational
Thurs. 11 Schools as children begin to return
Fri. 12 Schools staff and parents at this difficult time
Sat. 13 Children still not able to see their friends

Sun. 14 Pray thanks for The Link and St Mary’s News
Mon. 15 Pray thanks for the on-line services
Tues. 16 Thank God for the many still working from home
Wed. 17 Pray for those who have returned to work
Thurs. 18 Pray for those who are unable to return to work
Fri. 19 Pray for those who have lost their jobs
Sat. 20 Pray for all lives lost

Sun. 21 Father’s Day – thank God for our fathers
Mon. 22 All grieving for the loss of a loved one
Tues. 23 Those unable to say a final goodbye to a loved one
Wed. 24 Pray for our Government and its advisors …..
Thurs. 25 ….trying to give us right guidelines
Fri. 26 Pray for the re-start of sporting activities
Sat. 27 Pray for all recreational activities

Sun. 28 Pray for our postmen
Mon. 29 Pray for all financial services
Tues. 30 Pray for all bishops and clergy