Prayer Diary

Our prayer diary for the month of  June….

Thurs.  1          Pray for current world situations

Fri.       2          Friends of St Mary AGM this evening

Sat.      3          All taking public and school exams at this time


Sun.    4          Pentecost Ignite in us your Holy Fire

Mon.    5          All who receive Holy Communion at home

Tues.    6          West Reach and East Reach

Wed.    7          Pray for all candidates in the General Election

Thurs.  8          Pray for all electors today as they cast their vote

Fri.       9          Pray for those elected to represent us in Parliament

Sat.      10        Pray for the new government


Sun.    11        Trinity  Holy God, hold us firm in this faith

Mon.    12        Angle Ways

Tues.    13        MU – Susan Roberts speaking about the Amish People

Wed.    14        Long Leaves

Thurs.  15        Plight of the Syrian refugees

Fri.       16        William Place

Sat.      17        The Muntings


Sun.    18        Father’s Day Thank you for our fathers

Mon.    19        Tinies, Tots and Teddies group this morning

Tues.    20        Peartree Way

Wed.    21        Bullies and those who suffer at their hands

Thurs.  22        Wigrim Way

Fri.       23        Our flower arrangers and church cleaners

Sat.      24        Street cleaners and those who cut the ‘public’ grass


Sun.    25        Hadwell Close and Wiltshire Road

Mon.    26        The Garden House Hospice

Tues.    27        PCC meeting this evening

Wed.    28        The craft group meeting this lunch time

Thurs.  29        Newgate

Fri.       30        Medalls Link and Medalls Path