Prayer Diary

Our prayer diary for the month of July….

Sun. 1 Pray for ongoing talks following Trump/Kim meeting
Mon. 2 Pray for Leslie & Committee preparing for the Fete
Tues. 3 Pray for our organists and musicians
Wed. 4 Pray for people concerned over their job situation
Thurs. 5 Taywood Close
Fri. 6 Oakwood Close and Ridlins Wood
Sat. 7 Pray for our Fete today

Sun. 8 Featherstone Wood Primary/Nursery School, staff/pupils
Mon. 9 All people feeling the lose of a loved one
Tues. 10 MU –’In Mary Sumner’s Footsteps’ with Kim Wilkinson
Wed. 11 Chertsey Rise
Thurs. 12 Kymswell Road
Fri. 13 Chowell Road and Hayley Common
Sat. 14 Parkersfield and Burwell Road

Sun. 15 Dovedale and Lammas Path
Mon. 16 The Womens Centre
Tues. 17 Shephall Children’s Centre
Wed. 18 Police and Magistrates
Thurs. 19 Collenswood Road
Fri. 20 All school staff, pupils, families during the holiday
Sat. 21 Friends of St Mary’s coffee morning

Sun. 22 The Living Room and those trying to overcome addiction
Mon. 23 The PCC meeting this week
Tues. 24 Schools as they break up for the summer
Wed. 25 Marlborough Road
Thurs. 26 BridgeBuilders
Fri. 27 Wellington Road
Sat. 28 All who are unemployed at this time

Sun. 29 Collenswood Road
Mon. 30 Watercress Close
Tues. 31 Pray for our priest, Vivienne