Prayer Diary

St Mary’s Prayer Diary      September 2020

As we pray let us invite the love of God, the peace of God, the protection of God and God’s healing into the lives of the people who live/work there.

Tues.   1          Pray people will remember to keep social distance

Wed.    2          All children starting at a new school

Thurs.  3          Pray that all schools return safely for the new year

Fri.      4          Children returning to school and finding it very different

Sat.      5          All parents as they are able to return to work

Sun.    6          Services at St Mary’s as they are currently being held

Mon.   7          All who have been made redundant

Tues.   8          All who are looking for work

Wed.    9          Open church for prayer each Wednesday 1 – 3pm

Thurs.  10        Woodlands View and all nursing homes

Fri.      11        All who live in a home, and all who work there

Sat.      12        Bike and Hike day – it is self regulated this year

Sun.    13        Pray for English heritage and our church

Mon.    14       PPE, that it is available to all who are needing it

Tues.   15        Pray for growth in our economy

Wed.    16        Pray we do not have a second wave of covid

Thurs.  17        Pray for the people of Beirut

Fri.      18        Pray for all people still shielding

Sat.      19        Pray for production of a vaccine for covid


Sun.    20        All with long term effects of covid

Mon.   21        Pray for all families with special need members

Tues.   22        All families with a fear of their children going to school

Wed.    23        Pray for all 6th formers, at school or college

Thurs.  24        Pray for all university students, especially, the new ones

Fri.      25        Pray for all graduates trying to find work

Sat.      26        Pray for all apprentices, all wanting to begin courses

Sun.    27        Pray for all whose training has been put on hold

Mon.   28        Pray for all weather affected events, flooding etc.

Tues.   29        Farmers, struggling to bring in their crops

Wed.    30        Thank God for all who produce our food