Prayer Diary

Our prayer diary for the month of August ….

As we pray let us invite the love of God, the peace of God, the protection of God and God’s healing into the lives of the people who live/work there.

Thurs.  1          Pray for peace in current world situations

Fri.      2          Pray for all undergoing treatment for cancer

Sat.      3          Pray for all refugees


Sun.    4          Pray for the EU situation and the way forward

Mon.   5          All who worship at St Mary’s & live outside the parish

Tues.   6          Rudd Close and Barnwell

Wed.    7          The seriousness of the debt situation in Stevenage

Thurs.  8          Barnwell School, staff and pupils

Fri.      9          Baddeley Close, Wortham Way and Breakspear

Sat.      10        Bullies and those who suffer at their hands


Sun.    11        Pray for school leavers seeking employment

Mon.   12        REACT

Tues.   13        MU –   Mary Sumner Service

Wed.    14        Gasmen, electricians and water workers

Thurs.  15        A level results day

Fri.      16        The Paddocks

Sat.      17        Friends of St Mary’s coffee morning


Sun.    18        The work of the Citizens Advice Bureau

Mon.   19        People respond to God’s call to ministry

Tues.   20        Those we know with long-term sickness

Wed.    21        Pray for couples where only one comes to church

Thurs.  22        GCSE results day

Fri.      23        All who work in an office

Sat.      24        Hyde Green and School Close


Sun.    25        The Garden House Hospice

Mon.   26        Bank Holiday Pray for family time today

Tues.   27        Those who prepare St Mary’s Link

Wed.    28        Pray for the PCC members

Thurs.  29        St Nicholas School, staff and pupils

Fri.      30        The Ridings and Paddocks Close

Sat.      31        Colts Corner and Ashleigh