Prayer Diary

Our prayer diary for the month of September ….

As we pray let us invite the love of God, the peace of God, the protection of God and God’s healing into the lives of the people who live/work there.

Sun. 1 Pray for the current Brexit situation
Mon. 2 Pray for the world and its needs
Tues. 3 Pray for schools as they return this week
Wed. 4 Staff and pupils settling in to a new environment
Thurs. 5 Elm Walk and Mackenzie Square
Fri. 6 our flower arrangers and church cleaners
Sat. 7 The Vincent Motorbike Pub, staff and customers

Sun. 8 The Hyde shops
Mon. 9 St Mary’s Toddlers as they begin again
Tues. 10 MU – Ellie Perkins “Away From It All”
Wed. 11 Unwin Road and Unwin Place
Thurs. 12 All carers and those for whom they care
Fri. 13 Oxleys Industrial Units
Sat. 14 Bike & Hike today plus the Friends coffee morning

Sun. 15 Heritage Sunday
Mon. 16 All families stuggling with a ‘special needs member
Tues. 17 The Women’s Group in the Parish Room
Wed. 18 Warners Close and Godfrey Close
Thurs. 19 Beech Drive and The Hornbeams
Fri. 20 Randalls Hill
Sat. 21 Long Hyde and Little Hyde

Sun. 22 Shephall Way
Mon. 23 All stuggling with money worries
Tues. 24 Taywood Close
Wed. 25 Oakwood Close and Ridlins Wood
Thurs. 26 Pray for all involved in our justice system
Fri. 27 Little Learners
Sat. 28 Doctors and Dentists

Sun. 29 Bandley Rise
Mon. 30 Gonville Crescent